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Mays, of Amarillo, TX, is a Leasing Agent and Tenant Broker

The process of negotiating a commercial lease is not for the novice or the faint of heart. Mays is both a leasing agent and tenant broker, offering asset and property management, landlord services, and tenant services in our leasing solutions portfolio.

A rental agreement that allows a business to rent commercial space from a landlord is called a commercial real estate lease. There are three forms of commercial leases:

  1. Full Service Lease: The most common type of lease for office buildings is the full service lease. The rent is includes everything. The landlord is responsible for property expenses, taxes, insurance, repairs, maintenance, utilities, and janitorial services. This is the best of all possible worlds for the tenant. There are no hidden fees allowing a tenant to forecast their rent as a fixed expense.
  2. Net Lease: The landlord charges a lower annual rent than a full service lease. However, the tenant is responsible for the monthly costs associated with the property like common area maintenance, property taxes, and property insurance. This type of rental agreement comes in three sizes: single, double or triple net lease. With a single net lease, the tenant pays rent plus a pro-rata share of the building’s property taxes. With the double net lease, the tenant pays a portion of the property insurance in addition to rent and property taxes. With a triple net lease, the tenant pays the pro-rate share of the building’s property taxes, property taxes, and common area maintenance in addition to the rent.
  3. Modified Gross Lease: A modified gross lease is compromise between the full service lease and net lease. A tenant still pays for a pro-rata share of the property taxes, property insurance, and common area maintenance, but in a lump sum payment along with their rent. There are no hidden fees. Utilities and janitorial services are covered by the landlord.

Asset and Property Management

Mays is your experienced asset and property management partner. We understand how crucial it is to find the right third-party property management firm. You need someone you can count on. You want a firm that understands your business model and can deliver a custom solution that puts your interests in proper perspective. Whether your property is a long-term investment or you are getting it ready for disposition, Mays commercial real estate protects and elevates your asset value, all the while meeting and exceeding your tenants expectations. Contact us for effective strategies to boost your property’s performance.

Landlord Services

Because in-house leasing is expensive and exasperating and big box landlord service providers sit at their desks and blame the market for poor results, you need Mays. We are assertive, honest, proactive, motivated and experienced landlords. Contact us for more information.

Tenant Services

Most of time, lease negotiation is more important than the rental rate. Mays provides tenant representation services to help level the playing field and match your business goals with our unmatched lease negotiation expertise. We put the power of timing, choice and knowledge into your hands and put your company in the best position for success. We put you in a leveraged negotiating position and give you the options to secure your company’s future. Contact us for more information.

Mays offers tenant services. We know what to do and we have a reputation to uphold in the communities that we serve. As a tenant broker, we help you find the best place for your business in the following ways:

  • A comprehensive list of available real estate
  • Dependable market pricing and comp data
  • Knowledge of local market conditions
  • Negotiating expertise
  • Understanding of financing choices


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