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I’m Austin Sharp, CCIM, a principal at Mays commercial real estate. My family has been in the commercial real estate investment business in Amarillo, Texas since 1951.

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I Am a CRE Investment Expert

I help high achievers—people just like you—get the clarity, confidence and tools you need to win at commercial real estate investments and succeed at building sustainable streams of CRE investment income. This requires that you develop mastery in four areas. Which do you need help with?

1 Finding Your Property Mays Commercial Real Estate Discover how to find the lifetime deals you’ve always wanted. Contact Us
2 Researching Your Market Mays Commercial Real Estate Discover how to build margin in your CRE investments. Contact Us
3 Acquiring Your Property Mays Commercial Real Estate Discover how to never pay more than what you can afford. Contact Us
4 Managing Your Property Mays Commercial Real Estate Discover how to solve the property management conundrum. Contact Us

How to Win at CRE Investments

If you’re like most of my colleagues, you’re a successful, high-achiever. You are winning at work, and—equally important—succeeding at building wealth. You strive to grow, build margins, get better, and reach your goals. You want to leave a lasting legacy for your family.

But sometimes life gets in the way: there’s just too much to do and too little time to research, acquire and manage your commercial real estate investments.

I feel overwhelmed. I know the market opportunity for commercial real estate investments has never been better. But I don’t have time to find the commercial real estate deals and put together the acquisition packages it takes to make them happen. I constantly wonder if I’m missing something important in the CRE investment market.

Does this sound like you?

  • I feel like life is coming at me faster than I can manage it.
  • I fear the important CRE deals are falling through the cracks.
  • I worry that I won’t have enough passive income for retirement.
  • I wish I had an investment partner to help me get CRE deals done.

If so, you’re not alone. All of us have felt the same way.

I know how you feel.

I know what it feels like to be in over your head—to have more CRE deals than your ability to manage them. I have faced the reality that there’s more to do than there is time. But I also realized the answer isn’t getting more deals done. The answer is to get the right deals done.

Once I figured that out, I was able to gain the margin and build commercial real estate investment wealth I wanted.

All you need is a partner.

All you need is a partner. Someone to help you navigate the challenges of commercial real estate investments, so you can succeed.

You don’t have to feel overwhelmed. And you don’t have to choose between success at work and winning in CRE investments. I can help you regain the margins you crave.

Start by contacting me.

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