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Mays Inc. trends and forecasts for the Amarillo and greater Texas commercial real estate market.

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Commercial Market Reports in Amarillo, TX

Some investors most certainly seem to have a golden gut. They have an instinct or intuition about an investment and they follow it and the results are simply amazing. For the rest of us commercial real estate investors, thankfully, there are market reports or commerce evaluations.

The main advantage of a market write up is that it helps hedge against potential loss. Getting a commercial real estate analysis helps investors to time the market.  Identify when to disposition properties. All with the goal to maximize their return on investment.

Commercial real estate records are a collection of data about your target market and its competitive landscape. Armed with this powerful information you have a distinct advantage. Hence guiding your important acquisition or key investment.

Knowledge is power. Consequently the findings and conclusions of having a good market study has tremendous value that far exceeds the cost of the research itself.

Ten Benefits of a Market Report in Amarillo, TX:

  1. First of all it will guide your communication with current and potential clients.
  2. Assist you to identify opportunities in the marketplace.
  3. Also help you minimize risks.
  4. Build your reputation as a savvy investor.
  5. Uncovers the skeletons in the closet and identifies potential problems.
  6. Another way is to help you plan ahead.
  7. Help understand the real estate forces and trends.
  8. Build investor confidence and influence.
  9. Keep you honest.
  10. Lastly it will give you peace of mind, knowing that you’ve done your due diligence.

Mays Inc. provides tendencies and forecasts of rent, vacancy and inventory for office, industrial, retail, multifamily, hotels, and special purpose facilities in Amarillo. As well as all major metropolitan areas and their unique submarkets in Texas. Also, our market reports which are obtained from property-level data collected by Reis, Inc., National Association of Realtors, Amarillo National Bank, and other resources, help you get a detailed picture of current and projected market conditions. Therefore you can make an informed decision on your next commercial real estate acquisition or disposition.

Market Reports Include:

  • Rent details
  • Rent growth comparisons
  • Vacancy details
  • Vacancy rate comparisons
  • Inventory details
  • Inventory growth
  • New construction and absorption change
  • Economic and demographic trends
  • Finally, Market narratives

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In conclusion, a market report is not necessary for every commercial real estate investment, but if you need market trends and forecasts in order to time your investment, we can help you get one and gain an understanding of what the numbers mean and how they may effect your commercial property investment.