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Disposition Services in Amarillo, TX

Property disposition services is the process of selling real estate through a direct sale or some other transfer method. You want the best possible appraisal of your property and you want the most motivated buyers in the market. Mays can help you put together the best deals possible by actively participating in every part of the process, including financial analysis, property and market evaluation, appraisals, marketing, and closing. If you want to sell your commercial property at a fair market value to qualified buyers as soon as possible, list it with Mays.

Mays commercial real estate is run and managed by highly-skilled professionals. We are a boutique firm that works very close with our clients to maximize their return on investment from their commercial properties. The methods do not have to be complex and challenging. There are systems and procedures to follow that help to simplify the process and make it more understandable. We show you the different scenarios to consider and advise you through the decision-making process and bring you to a rock-solid disposition solution.

With almost seven decades in the commercial real estate industry, Mays helps you determine the best approach for each property situation. We can act as your broker and sell your asset directly or we can facilitate the sales process for you. We attend to every detail unto the successful disposal of your commercial real estate property.

Retail Disposition Solutions

Mays offers retail disposition services that go beyond the scope of most commercial real estate firms. We understand the retail disposition process more than most. This knowledge lessens the liability for our retail clients. Our professional services include leasing, subleasing and selling properties. We know how to terminate and restructure leases. Retailers depend on our program that turns asset drains into “pumping oil wells” that increase cash flow and drives your bottom line.

Because retailers face a unique set of problems, Mays offers a distinct skill set. We have experience in retail repositioning, relocations, store closings, excess space, maturing properties, mergers, acquisitions, restructuring, and 1031 exchanges. We provide surplus real estate placement services to retailers of all sizes throughout Texas.

Property Conversions and Asset Repositioning

Commercial properties can be repositioned by changing existing uses to create additional asset value. Mays can help you with creative ideas to reconfigure existing foundations into better suited spaces to meet the needs of a modern marketplace.

Why Choose Mays?

  • Solid sales and real estate experience in Amarillo and other metro markets in Texas
  • Motivated and disciplined and accountable to our clients
  • Talk the jargon of commercial real estate brokers, owners, CPAs and attorneys and have strong presentation and communication skills
  • Make a lot of calls to build relationships and create a pipeline of deals
  • Highly creative in making commercial real estate deals
  • High conversion rate from leads to acquisitions
  • Tenacity to keep a deal alive, look at every angle, and exceed the expectations of our clients
  • Accountable to high activity levels and getting results
  • Proficient at number crunching, financial calculations, valuations, and tax issues
  • Unmatched expertise in 1031 Exchanges
  • Broker or agent services available
  • Works well with others, able to create and maintain collegial relationships, and Texas friendly
  • Enthusiastic, persevering, and comfortable working in an entrepreneurial environment
  • Positive, can-do, up-beat, get-er-done attitude
  • Happy clients, excellent references, great results

Maybe you have questions or need help with a very specific property disposition, start a conversation. It won’t cost you anything. Contact us today.


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