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Do You Struggle With Your Commercial Real Estate Investments?

  • Is what you do too complicated?
  • Are you stressing over new properties?
  • Did your last investment effort flop?
  • Do you need to eliminate confusion?
  • Is it time to revamp your strategy?
  • Does real estate make your brain hurt?

Mays Inc., Serving Commercial Property Investors Since 1951

The real estate investment market in Amarillo, Texas is at an all-time high. Thanks to a booming United States economy there’s never been more interest in commercial properties in Texas. Real estate listings are full. Lots of properties for sale. Now is a great time to talk with one of the real estate professionals at Mays Inc. From shopping centers to office buildings and multifamily properties, we have a lot to offer. We’ve been in the commercial property investment business in Amarillo for almost 70 years. Our services include buying, selling, leasing and consulting — everything you need to build your commercial property investment portfolio.

Mays Inc. Provides Texas Commercial Real Estate Services

Mays, Inc. is headquartered in Amarillo, TX. We are licensed to do business anywhere in Texas. We can help you understand the trends, influences and ideas shaping the Texas economy. From investment sales and acquisitions to property management and leasing transactions our advisory services help remove the clutter from your investments. At Mays Inc. we focus on giving you the advantage in making intelligent property investment decisions. We provide solutions across property types and commercial real estate sectors. If you are a property owner needing help with property management, we are positioned to serve you.

Real Estate Asset Management Services in Amarillo TX

Whether you own a single commercial property in Amarillo, Texas or a portfolio of properties across Texas, we can help you make the best or most effective use of your commercial real estate investment.

We help you maximize value through strategic acquisitions and dispositions of commercial properties. We advise you on executing leasing plans and capital development programs. And we strive to maximize cash flow through strong lease and contract negotiations and bold management initiatives.

If you choose Mays Inc. asset management services, you’ll have guidance at each step of the way. We can help you acquire property and manage your portfolio. We can also help you sell or transfer property ownership through a 1031 exchange.

Amarillo TX Commercial Real Estate Market Outlook

Mays Inc. researches the U.S. market and Amarillo economic data to forecast market performance in all commercial real estate sectors. We explore local supply and demand as well as macro factors that could impact commercial property investments in the local Amarillo market. Leverage our market analytics to make the most informed property acquisition, disposition or management decisions.

Why Investing in Commercial Real Estate is a Smart Strategy

Investing in commercial real estate makes better sense than investing in single family homes. Single family homes lack sustainable cash flow. They are excessively risky, lack economies of scale, and are costly to manage. Investing in commercial properties, conversely, means that you can make money in a deal regardless of what the market is doing. You have a lot more control of your investment. There’s almost no limit to what you can invest in and where you invest. This means you have a business model that’s diversified, has loss limitations, and rational. And you don’t have to go at it as a lone investor. We put together deals regularly that makes it possible for you to co-invest with sophisticated groups of savvy commercial investment professionals.

Once you begin to understand the intrinsic value of passive commercial real estate investing and the ability to deploy capital across a number of deals, you may never want to make a residential rental property investment again.

Mays Inc. Works for You.

Know what drives the markets
Learn property management
Time the market cycles
Eliminate costly mistakes
Recognize shifting markets
Master the art of making the deal
Take advantage of opportunities
Zig when the market zags
Analyze assets for cash flow
Envision the optimal property use
Recognize under-valued property
Add value to a property
Gauge renovation expenses
Get deals done a whole lot faster
Know when to use a Series LLC
Grasp the 1031 exchange like a pro

If you make commercial real estate investments, you need Mays Inc.

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“Austin helped me land my largest commercial deal to date. I highly recommend working with Mays Inc.”

Wade Mitchell

Create a Cash Cow

Find the gems that have returns on assets (ROA) greater than the market growth rate.

Learn a System That Works

You don’t have to have an MBA or a “Silver Spoon” to make a fortune in CRE.

Become an Investment Jedi

You’ll have a proven filter to refine all your commercial real estate investing.

What Makes Mays Inc. So Different?

The Mays Inc. investment framework is unconventional because it teaches you to stop making bad investment decisions, and instead, maximize your cash flow, leverage, appreciation, tax benefits, and exit strategies. How can you know if you are doing it right? The answer is to set a consultation appointment or hire one of our consultants.

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